Mary Brummagyn, BSN, RN

Mary Brummagyn, BSN, RN

NNORC Community Nurse

Mary Brummagyn, BSN, RN was born and raised in Glens Falls, NY.  She received her Nursing degree from SUNY, Utica.  Mary’s nursing career took her to the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona, Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa, the altiplano in Peru, St. Peter’s Hospital and Albany County Department of Health. Mary’s goal as a nurse has been to assist individuals, families and communities to live their best possible lives.  This might be achieved through access to clean water, healthy food, vaccines to prevent illness, education, social supports and connections.  Throughout her career, it has been the relationships with her patients that has sustained her.

In December 2020, Mary retired, for 10 days, from the Health Department.  COVID vaccines brought her back for several more months.

In September 2021, Mary began her journey with NNORC and looks forward to getting to know the community and assisting with the health screenings and educational programs, as well as home visiting.

Mary lives in Albany with family, friends and a fur baby.  Her real “home” is in the southern Adirondacks where she spends as much time as possible.