Make Your Own Collage Holiday Cards

Wednesday, December 2 at 10 a.m.

Diana Bangert-Drowns returns to share her creative spirit with the NNORC for the holidays.  Together with Diana, we will create winter-themed cards using materials that you have in your home. Prior to meeting, look around your house and gather items like paper, magazines, candy wrappers, buttons, old holiday cards (if you have them), glue (or glue stick or tape), and scissors. Additional optional materials include a hole punch, ribbon, foil, markers or anything else that you may have in your home!

NNORC has embraced Zoom (online video and audio conferencing) so we can continue to offer you programs. If you prefer not to use a computer or smartphone to participate, all you need is a telephone line to join in. Please call 518-514-2023 or email us at to sign up for a program. We will give you an access link or phone number for you to participate. You can also contact us for a one-on-one Zoom tutorial. We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you!

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