Help for Headaches with Medical Billing and Insurance for NNORC Residents

August 22, 2019


Overwhelmed and confused by the seemingly endless stream of EOBs and medical bills that flood your mailbox on a regular basis? Need help interpreting Medicare Summary Notices? Suspect a billing error? NNORC resident Leslie Dykeman can help. Throughout the more than 30 years that Leslie has lived in the NNORC neighborhood, she was employed by the Fiscal Agent for the NYS Medicaid contract. She served as the Fraud Auditor for the eMedNY contract for her final fourteen years, where she reviewed a substantial number of paid claims from different provider types looking for indication of fraud, waste, and abuse. In 2016, Leslie received an Award of Excellence from the Medicaid Inspector General for assisting in the discovery of a $5 million fraud, which led to the eventual indictment of the principal perpetrator.

Leslie has generously offered to share her unparalleled expertise earned through her many years of professional experience to assist NNORC residents. She can work with you to review Medicare Summary Notices and EOBs, billing statements, and other related financial and health documents to correct an error or refer suspected fraud and abuse to the appropriate authorities. Call the NNORC office at 518-514-2023 to schedule a private and confidential appointment with Leslie.