Here are examples of the direct impact of your donation:

Give $1,800 | Give Support

Six months of sessions with a licensed therapist to help an individual experiencing mental health issues not covered by or without health insurance. 

Give $1,000 | Give Services

Four months of weekly support for local children to adapt to their new normal and cultivate healthy problem- solving and communication skills in group and individual sessions.

Give $500 | Give Resources

Ten sessions with JFS care managers and Senior Resource Network to develop long-care management plans and navigate complicated healthcare systems.


JFS FEIN #14-1338308

Give $360 | Give Reassurance

Six-week support group for parents facing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

Give $180 | Give Assistance

Nine private rides through Project 5 for seniors to get to healthcare appointments or wherever they need to go-in a safe, trusted way.

Give $100 | Give Nourishment

Ten kosher home delivered meals to frail older adults.

Give $50 | Give Comfort

Daily check-in calls to homebound seniors feeling isolated and alone.