Where your money goes

JFS is grateful for the generous donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. Contributions make an impact on Capital Region families in significant ways:


  • provides a supervised visitation session to help a parent and child rebuild their relationship
  • helps pay for the cost of a caregiver support group for families caring for an aging parent
  • provides one blood pressure clinic with JFS’ nurse.


  • allows five people to attend a senior wellness education group
  • allows five people to get help in a support group with other caregivers.
  • allows five participants to attend a psycho-educational group session
  • allows five parents to attend a group to learn how to develop a healthy relationship with their children
  • pays for a family conference to help develop a care management plan for an ailing loved one


  • allows an individual or family to receive three crisis intervention visits
  • funds five in-home visits to help a senior feel less isolated
  • provides five in-home sessions to help parents learn skills to guide and nurture their children.
  • funds five in-home visits to help a family cope with news of a terminal illness or loss


  • gives an elderly or disabled person eight sessions of in-home supportive counseling
  • provides eight counseling sessions to help an individual who is experiencing depression or anxiety

Donate now to help an individual or family in need.