Senior Property Owners: Claim your exemptions by March 1, 2018

January 23, 2018


Last month, the City of Albany’s Department of Assessment mailed out the ENHANCED STAR EXEMPTION RENEWAL application to all city of Albany homeowners age 65 and older. The application included a very important letter. Thanks to resourceful NNORC resident (and Irish set dancer extraordinaire) Leslie Dykeman, NNORC obtained a copy of the letter. The following highlights some of the vital information:

The application form enclosed with the letter serves as both the ENHANCED STAR EXEMPTION RENEWAL application AND the SENIOR CITIZENS EXEMPTION RENEWAL application.  The new Enhanced STAR income limit is $86,000.00.  The senior citizen exemption is limited to owners who have an annual income of $37,400.00 or less. The renewal form must be completed and returned to the Department of Assessment’s office by March 1st, 2018—no exceptions. Without returning the renewal application, the Enhanced and/or Senior STAR benefit will be removed from the 2018 Assessment Roll.

A copy of your 2016 Federal Income Tax return must accompany the application. And if you do not file
income taxes, a copy of all monthly income for the 2016 tax year must be provided instead, including any and all rental income received from all properties you may own.

Also of note, a resolution has been presented to the City of Albany Common Council by Ward 9 Leader Hon. Judy L. Doesschate in order to authorize the deduction of non-reimbursed medical expenses from income. If this resolution is voted on and passed prior to March 1, 2018, it will allow for the deduction of such medical expenses from your income this application/renewal period. If you wish to deduct medical expenses which were not reimbursed by insurance or any other third party, you may send in documentation depicting such expenses along with the renewal form.

If you have any questions, did not receive the application and letter, or have misplaced your copy, please feel free to call the Department of Assessment’s office at 518-434-5155.