NNORC Breakfast Club Learns About Hope & Resilience

September 4, 2018


Hope & Resilience: How to Make Friends with the Life We Have Now

     Join us for a special Breakfast club on Hope and Resilience, led by NNORC’s Senior Health Education Coordinator, Judi England.

The stresses of life face us all. Over time, the damaging effects can create poor health, and take joy from our lives. Research shows that even if you’re not born with a sunny disposition, you can learn ways to face life’s challenges with greater resilience.  In this program we will discuss the qualities of a “hopeful person,” and practice techniques to build hope in day-to-day life.

     Save the date for our next Breakfast Club on Wednesday, October 10. Fran Weiss, Registered Dietician and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist at Hannaford will speak on Healthy Eating for Seniors.

DATE Wednesday, September 12

TIME  9:30 a.m.

PLACE  Albany JCC (340 Whitehall Road, Albany)

RSVP Please call NNORC at 518-514-2023 to reserve your seat and your bagel.