An Opportunity for a Local AND International Community Service Project!

February 27, 2018


Ever hear of a Sewing Bee? It’s an informal social gathering based on an activity like sewing or quilting. Your Albany NNORC is hosting a MoonCatcher Bee.

The MoonCatcher Project provides reusable, washable, menstrual pads (aka “mooncatchers”) that can be worn by girls in the poorest communities worldwide. Educating girls in developing countries is the most effective means of improving their lives and fostering economic development. However, many girls in developing countries often drop out of school when they reach puberty because they have no access to feminine hygiene products. These pads make going to school while menstruating possible, which helps keep girls in school.

Join us for the NNORC MoonCatcher “Bee,” where we’ll gather to sew, cut, iron, and assemble MoonCatchers—washable pads made of flannel, waterproof Tyvek and highly absorbent and soft bamboo fleece fabric. Everyone—men, women and children—are welcome. No sewing skills are required. If you have a ruler, scissors, a portable sewing machine, an iron or small ironing board—bring them along, though this is not necessary. All the materials are provided by the MoonCatcher Project.

DATE: Thursday, May 24, 2018

TIME: 6:00 p.m.

PLACE: First Congregational Church, 405 Quail St., Albany

R.S.V.P.: Please call 514-2023.

Cost: Free.


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